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In here rests the history of Exantra Team


A young designer and college student set off with a dream and passion to solve his pain point of exercise motivation. Despite the multiple crowdfunding failures and investor rejections, he pressed on.

Today, Alter Titan has over 50,000 fans and 10,000 players who are awaiting the
Hybrid Release.

The unique solution that Alter titan offers is a personalized fitness avatar who grows or shrinks depending on your workout consistency, a personal storyline, and collectible animals who fight alongside you in your battle against the Senza. Not to mention, there will be hundreds of other Titans joining your platoon to keep you motivated every step of the way,

How much has Alter Titan Raised to date?



From Indiegogo, Kickstarter and personal funding.


  • Masseef concieves the idea of Paraverse after watching a TED Talk.
  • Masseef launches the first unsuccessful campaign for Paraverse on Kickstarter.
  • Masseef designs the first Titan for Exantra and begins to track his workouts with friends through an Instagram Concierge MVP.
  • Masseef launches two unsuccessful Kickstarters for Exantra. 
  • 823 backers pledged $18,280 to Exantra World through Kickstarter
  • The writers of Exantra World, DS and Mallow complete the first draft of the universe.
  • Exantra World delivers first IOS beta to Kickstarter Backers,
  • Exantra Team Incorporated
  • Exantra World build introduces features such as the Platoon Leaderboard, Squad mode and Battle Arena.
  • Masseef travels to his home country in Taiwan in search of affordable developers and aspires to set up an in-house studio
  • Exantra Team sets up a development branch in Taiwan and hires its first two full time developers. 
  • Exantra World is discontinued and Alter Titan development begins on the Unity Engine allowing both Android and IOS versions to be built simultaneously
  • Exantra Team raises $16,749 of funding for Alter Titan through Indiegogo.
  • Exantra Team launches Alter Titan alpha version to all backers.
  • Alter Titan draws interest from big partners, wearable companies, small gyms and sports recruiters.
  • Alter Titan continues 3D development 
  • Exantra Team discusses a potential partnership a global wearable and integrated gym tech giant.
  • Exantra Team launches ad campaign to secure more income.
  • Alter Titan postpones its relaunch release from April to July.
  • Exantra Team launches donation campaign to secure more funding for development and team-expansion
  • Exantra Team will raise VC funding in order to sustain development.
  • Launch AT Hybrid to all Titans
  • Launch AT Hyrbid to the App Store
  • Launch AT Gold to the App Store
  • Explore AT partnerships to expand operations, revenue streams and reach

The First Titan design in 2015


The Titan Design evolves 2016

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 4.34.55 PM.png

Early Art concepts for Exantra World in 2016

Home blue Copy 42.jpg
Home blue Copy 25.jpg

Exantra World for IOS 2017-2018


Exantra World becomes Alter Titan 2019


Alter Titan 2D is launched to backers in 2020


Alter Titan 2D transitions to 3D in 2020 (2).gif

Jungledruid finishes Jungle Freeroam (12).gif (16).gif

Masseef enhances the 3D graphics of AT 3D and prepares for AT's Hybrid Relaunch