Most asked questions regarding ATG Protocol

I was a previous player for Alter Titan, will I get free access to ATG Protocol?

All players of Alter Titan and crowdfunding backers will be granted access to ATG Mobile which will be launched after Foundations Phase has concluded. Only the Titans who have backed at Interrogator, Gold, Dacium levels will receive a free mint Legacy Titan.

Other players will have access to a default avatar.

When will Forerunners mint?

We are estimating a mint date sometime next January. Exact dates will be announced later.

What will the mint price be for the Forerunner?

Mint price will be 0.2 ETH

What are the benefits for holding a Forerunner?

Holding a Forerunner collectible enables you to be one of the first Titans on the Island. Each Forerunner comes with innate abilities and traits which vary on a rarity scale. This grants access to ATG Mobile (the IOS/Android game), the Helios Mall, ATG Island Events and early access to our physical items.

Will there be additional mints after the Forerunner mint?

This first mint only includes Pacific Factioned Titans. After this one sells out, there will be opportunities to mint Myahara and Twilight Titans.

What are the so called habitant pets and how can I get one?

Habitants are animals that exist thanks to the efforts of Helios Scientists and faction leaders who worked hard to the collect DNA samples of species that inhabit the islands.

Their genetic code has been modified and enhanced for warfare. Each Forerunner that you mint will come with one starter habitant and there are currently 14 species in circulation for the Pacific Mint. After the Islands are opened up to the public, you will be able to travel to each biome, encounter new species and collect their DNA sample in order to further build out your team.